Graduation Catering

First off, congratulations! There is nothing more exciting than finishing the school year and receiving a diploma or degree after going through the seemingly never-ending periods of preparing for exams and meeting deadlines. Entering the next phase of life is surely an exciting prospect for new graduates, and our team at Elite Catering Company would love to help you celebrate!

Graduation parties are often busy affairs with dozens of guests, and such an event on such a large scale certainly warrants cooking up something sumptuous and of the highest quality. Elite Catering Company is the top choice for catering because we have the experience it takes to prepare a wide array of meals and are intimately involved with the catering process from the early planning stages all the way to the final cleanup.

Graduation Packages

Feeds up to 30 Guest.

Package includes 60 assorted Finger sandwiches, a small vegetable tray, a 12-pound of salad of your choice (potato salad, pasta salad, Tossed Salad or Cesar Salad) 3 Gallons of Tea or Lemonade 30 Cup Cakes Chocolate, Vanilla, Marbled or Red Velvet.

Feeds up to 60 Guest.

 Package Includes 60 mini-Assorted croissant sandwiches (Turkey, Chicken Salad, Ham) 10 pounds of our signature BBQ meatballs, 20lbs deep fried chicken Tenders with BBQ & Honey mustard,6 Gallons of Sweet Tea or Lemonade and 60 graduate Cupcakes Chocolate, Vanilla, Marbled or Red Velvet.

Feeds Up To 100 Guest

 Package includes 25 pounds each of Elite Catering Smoke House BBQ pulled pork and BBQ Turkey, 8 dozen bakery buns, 15 pounds of Southern Style potato salad, 15 pounds of BBQ baked beans, 12 pounds of our signature pasta salad, 10 Gallons of Sweet Tea or Lemonade and 100 Cupcakes or half Sheet of a graduation cake. with Name and graduation Tassels                * Note Full Customization available additional Fees Will be applied*